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Tierney Consulting is an indispensable resource for us as we look at new investment opportunities, explore strategic partnerships, and pursue new business opportunities with potential clients. The most important factors in determining the success of any professional relationship are alignment of trust, values, goals, and incentives. Trevor brings a wealth of knowledge, perspective, and expertise that helps us make better decisions and pursue better value creation opportunities.
— Chris Brown, Founder of Backline Partners

Trevor Tierney understands through his vast experiences what great team and organization cultures could be. Trevor’s depth and breadth of sport experience and his excellent education is the perfect meld to help teams and organizations achieve high performance cultures. TrueSport is proud that Trevor is an ambassador, and his character, life experience, wealth of knowledge, and passion for building a positive youth sport culture and community is unmatched.
— Lisa Voight, USADA TrueSport

Trevor Tierney was an invaluable resource to our leadership team. He made a significant impact in helping us to transform our culture and company. Through his work our team is performing at a very high level, delivering exceptional, record breaking results!
— Jeff Johnson, Interstate Restoration

Trevor understands what it takes to build, grow and sustain a peak performance culture as well as anyone we’ve worked with at OMNI Athlete. His knowledge allows him to blend the data of deep research and education, with the experience of having been on world-championship teams to cultivate a culture that develops resilient leaders. We are honored to have him as a partner, teacher and member of our community.
— Josh Crist, Omni Athlete

IEE is truly grateful for its ongoing partnership with Tierney Consulting. Trevor Tierney the rare person who combines personal experience and extraordinary achievements, with in-depth culture development pedigree. He strengthens the applied theory, research, and practice of the IEE, which only enhances the customized culture development and assessment tools we can provide for Tierney Consulting Clients. Excellence with integrity is our foundation of our collaboration and our deepest passion for those we serve together.
— Matthew Davidson, PhD, Institute for Excellence & Ethics (IEE)