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Trevor Tierney was born into a world of athletics, competition, and leadership. The son of a great coach, Trevor was constantly involved in the game of lacrosse and other sports from a young age. At five years old, he started playing youth lacrosse and quickly learned that he wanted to be a goalie. Every day after school, he would go to his father's team practices to watch and play the game he loved. His athletic dream as a child was to play for his father at Princeton University, win a NCAA National Championship and be a great lacrosse player, himself.

Those dreams ended up panning out for Trevor with a lot of hard work and determination. He is the only goalie in the history of the game to have won an NCAA Championship, an ILF World Championship, and an MLL Championship. Trevor was a two-time All-American at Princeton University, where he won two NCAA Div I National Championships. Trevor then went on to be named All-World Goalie in the 2002 ILF World Championships in Perth, Australia. In 2005, Trevor also won a MLL Championship with the Baltimore Bayhawks. Trevor finished his playing career in 2007 after playing two seasons with the Denver Outlaws and being named to his fourth MLL All-Star game. In 2012, he was inducted into the New Jersey Lacrosse Hall of Fame. All of these athletic experiences taught Trevor of what it was like to be part of a great culture and a deep understanding of how it can be built.

However, these athletic accomplishments are only a small part of Trevor's story. Trevor has always been interested in psychology and human development and received his B.A. from Princeton in Psychology in 2001. His senior thesis at Princeton was entitled, "Playing In The Zone : The Psychological Aspects Of Peak Performance In Sports". About 15 years later, he attended Harvard University Extension School to deepen his learning in adult development. He completed his master's degree in Psychology in 2018 and was named to the Dean’s List. His master’s thesis was entitled, "Developmental Maturity, Resilience Capacity, and Alcohol Use in College Students and NCAA Student-Athletes". Through these studies, Trevor has developed an interest in utilizing athletics as a developmental and transformational environment to cultivate young men and women into mature, strong, and caring leaders for their community.

Currently, Trevor is involved in a number of projects that he is passionate about. Along with Tierney Consulting, he also owns and operates LXTC Lacrosse Training Center, a Denver-based company that organizes camps, clinics, teams, and tournaments for youth through high school lacrosse players. 

Trevor is also a talented artist, who loves graphic design (a talent that he developed at a small advertising firm in his mid-twenties) and writing. Finally, Trevor enjoys nature and the wilderness of Colorado and spends much of his free time hunting, hiking, and camping. Trevor's career as a professional lacrosse player is long over, but his athletic practices and pursuits still continue on through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Trevor lives in Boulder, CO with his wife, April, and their mischievous rescue dog, Brooklyn.


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Trevor Tierney

From playing and coaching at the youth, high school, college, and professional levels in athletics to consulting with some elite-level teams in the sports and business worlds, Trevor has helped lead and support teams and organizations to build strong cultures since 2001. Trevor is the only goalie in the history of the game of lacrosse to have won collegiate, professional, and international championships and he has taken those learnings and experiences from championship cultures to help others live, work, and play with excellence and integrity. Trevor has a strong educational background in the field of developmental psychology, and he uses that knowledge to get curious and understand the people he works with.



Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Master of Liberal Arts in Psychology